Intelligent Optimization Laboratory

The Intelligent Optimization Laboratory at the University of Udine is a research center specialized in the study and application of optimization algorithms to real-world problems in industrial and organizational settings. The laboratory primarily focuses on heuristic algorithms, which are search algorithms based on experimentation and experience rather than systematic search procedures. These algorithms are particularly effective in solving complex problems that may be difficult or impossible to solve using traditional methods.

The laboratory is equipped with high-performance computing workstations, enabling fast and efficient execution of complex computational simulations and analyses. The research team consists of experts in computer science, mathematics, and engineering who work together to develop innovative and customized solutions to meet specific client needs.

The applications of the optimization algorithms used by the laboratory are diverse and wide-ranging, encompassing areas such as logistics, organizational management, resource planning, and complex system design. Through the utilization of advanced search algorithms and state-of-the-art equipment, the Intelligent Optimization Laboratory offers efficient and effective solutions to tackle the most challenging industrial and organizational problems.

The lab is the evolution of the Scheduling and Timetabling Research Group, founded in 2000.

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